Demo II

by Ghost Breeder

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released May 15, 2010



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Ghost Breeder Cleveland, Ohio

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Track Name: Intro/Hold Your Breath
It's your body language,
everything about you fucking sucks.
I'm not your friend,
I want to see red, you're out of luck.

Intoxicated, driving in your fucking car.
Getting drunk with your buddies at the park.

You better get a fucking life before you take someone else's.
You're cold-hearted.
Track Name: Swayed
Colder than the next.
You're fucking hiding from what you had to create.
Let your mind think
of all the fucking things you said to me.

The only thing that's present,
is your shitty, meaningless words.
Get your own opinions, think your own way,
life's too short to remain the same.

With pain and with hate I'll drag you down.
I'll make sure you never sway.

Too close to the edge, you've brought me here.
Your life's not a story anymore, you just do not care.
Track Name: Justice
Too many fucking times I've had to deal with this.
Your polar opposite, your justice, your face, my fucking fist.
I can't believe this is happening to me, I can't believe you've ever felt relief,
this is piling up and your bullshit stays buried underneath.

I've mistook you for trying one too many times
now I can say I, I didn't leave, but you just gave hope for better days.
Track Name: Mental Block/Outro
Metal Block:
I'll kick you while you're down.
I'm sick of looking at you and everyone else in this town.
No wonder why there's never anyone to help,
you're acting like it's every man for himself.
I can't say I'm actually happy to know you,
you fucked up everything that you never planned to.
I can't wait for the day where everything catches up,
your prescense is just way too fucking much.

You're more full of yourself by the minute,
because of you I've lived it.
Now I have to fucking learn it all over again.

I'd jump on the band wagon
any day just to stay the hell away from you.
You're always wrong,
but you still talk a lot.
Stay away from me.